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Downtown Ministry
Over 13 years ago an evangelistic effort was held on the Georgia Tech Campus; the speaker
was Pastor David Asscherick.  At the the end of the effort a Romanian minister by the
name of Pastor Eddie Costantinescu was inspired to start a group dedicated to the
ministry of those less fortunate among us, in particular the homeless people in the
downtown area of Atlanta, Ga. He approached some members of local SDA Churches that had
attended the evangelistic meeting and proposed his idea.  It was well received and put
into action.  Thus was the All Nations Mission Group formed which later evolved into the
All Nations Church. As the years have gone by the work has continued forward and expanded
in spite of the fact that very few of the original pioneers of this blessed ministry
remain in the work.  But to show that this was a God-inspired vision, the ministry has
proven to be more enduring than its individual components and shows the truth of the
biblical textthat states that "God is no respecter of persons" and he has workers who will
continue forth faithfully in the work He has set forth!

Every Sabbath afternoon, after the church service, children, young adults, and elderly
come together to prepare lunches to feed close to one hundred people. The funds for this
amount of food and water do not come from the church budget; rather, several people take
it upon themselves to come out of their own pockets and, collectively, purchase all the
ingredients necessary for the completion of these lunches.  Most of the people who
quietly and without fanfare donate  their monies are people who are on fixed incomes and
a couple of them are retired.  Yet, each and every Sabbath these lunches are prepared,
taken to various locations downtown (and a motel in Norcross that houses many families
without homes) and distributed.

The Downtown Ministry has become the umbrella name for a ministry that has expanded
beyond its original intent. With the help of other churches and donations from
individuals, a drive is started in October to collect blankets, sleeping bags, thermal
wear, coats, gloves, and any other item that can be used to ensure that those who do not have
‚Äča shelter tostay in during the bitterly cold days and nights of winter will be able to survive and make it
through to the warmer days of spring.  Though our membership is small God has blessed us
with much to the point that we see His miracles working in our chapel-sized church;  He
has blessed us with a minister in the person of Pastor Rusty Williams who believes in
this mission and has been blessed with great energy to help those who ask for help.

Many who would be evicted for lack of rent payment have found help at our doors and we
know this has been made possible through God's love and grace.We have been blessed by
having volunteers from the Duluth S.D.A. Church, the Advent Hope S.D.A. Church, The
Atlanta North S.D.A.Church, the Brazilian S.D.A. Church, and the Peachtree City S.D.A.
Church lend their support by physically going downtown in their own vehicles and
interacting one on one with our less fortunate brethren and letting them know that they
are loved and god has not forgotten them.The expressions of gratitude, the tears of joy,
and the requests for prayers from those we are privileged to
serve in God's name instills in each volunteer a spirit if humility and an understanding
that with each individual served the the  things of this world lessen in importance and
our walk with Christ grows stronger each time we see Him reflected in these souls whose
only joy comes from seeing Christ reflected in the faces of these faithful volunteers.
Matthew 25: 34-40 is the inspiration for this ministry God has entrusted us with.  Pray
for us that we may never waver in this sacred trust!
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